When You Lost Your Yellow

Once again you peel back a layer of skin

To reveal a color that’s much more than the bright yellow

I thought I knew

The first time the yellow faded, a light gray

Started to burst at your seams

Creating a stranger,

but I kept you close despite my better judgement.

After the gray came burnt siena which unmasked your anger

And released what I feared the most,

The deepest, darkest red I have ever seen

But it was only for a moment,

Then you were yellow again

Which made it worth it for me to hang on, just a bit longer

Then just like that

you went  back to being gray,

only showing your red

When we were out of the public eye.

.I thought Maybe I could be better,

Perhaps it was my turn to turn

Blue and lend you some of my yellow,

Which you so graciously took when offered

But you didn’t stop taking, you siphoned all of my yellow

Until there was no color remaining

Except the gray static that lay behind my eyes.

You left me in a puddle of my faded colors,

Took what you needed then left

So you could infect someone else.

Dani Eve- 2019

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